Brothers Moving at The Saint in Asbury Park, New Jersey By Jeff Crespi

Brothers Moving is a four piece traveling band from Denmark residing in New York City. They are a Four piece band that’s so full of energy they bring smiles wherever they play. They enjoy playing on the streets with no set list just down right fun. They consist of Aske (Lead guitar, Vocals), Nils (Back up Vocals), Simon (Cajun Drums, Keys and Back up Vocals) and Esben (Lead Vocal, Rhythm Guitar and Kazoo).

I first saw Brothers Moving perform at the Legendary Stone Pony a few weeks back. They were doing an acoustic unplanned set outside on the patio area with just a bunch of fans forming a circle all around them. Within minutes the crowd kept growing and growing, they play the kind of music that even though you never heard it you can’t stop from singing along and joining in the fun. I instantly was drawn to their style and sound of music. They were also some of the coolest, nicest group of musicians I have come across.

I did some research and saw that they were playing a show with another extremely talented upcoming musician named Jimmy Law the following week at The Saint in Asbury Park, NJ. The Saint is an amazing CBGB feeling small club with a great vibe. I instantly reached out to Noble Media who manages both acts and asked if I could provide photo coverage for the show. Jimmy Law is a young talent ready to take the music world by storm. He likes to play The Grateful Dead and Clapton but because he’s young he has a young teeny bopper following so he can also cover Taylor Swift like it was meant to be. The show had Joe Marson and the Satisfied Mind as the opening band. The sold out Saint was filled with young and old which shows me that music attracts all kinds. At any given show you never know who you are going to hear and see that will give you some new music to listen to and follow. The best part was at the end of the night as we filtered outside a Brothers Moving/Jimmy Law sing a long broke out right on the street with dozens of fans joining in. It was a great night and I would recommend checking all of these great bands out.

Jeff Crespi

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