Allow Us to Introduce You to Nikol By Stanley Eisen

Photo courtesy of Lisa Duffey Photography
Photo courtesy of Lisa Duffey Photography


Have you ever met someone and immediately sensed there was something special about them, a quality that you knew made them great? Last night I did, and she comes in a tiny package by the name of Nikol!  Recently, she played an acoustic performance at The Drunk Horse Pub, in Fayetteville, North Carolina for SRO Magazine Presents ‘ROCK THE VILLE’.  I had the distinct pleasure to sit down and talk with this talented young lady and find out a little more about her.

Nikol — Bittersweet

Nikol was born in Lexington, Massachusetts but today she calls Wake Forest, North Carolina home. She has played guitar for about six years but performed all her life. In school she was in every singing group available to her (girl’s ensemble, chorale, chorus, etc.) and she played the violin for four years. Nikol bought her first guitar (a black thin-body Martin acoustic/electric) right after she turned 18 and started taking lessons at the Raleigh Music Academy.

I asked Nikol what lit the fire for her to pursue a musical career. She actually gave me the date of May 18, 2001 specifically; it was a Christian concert featuring Rebecca St. James. That event hooked her. Nikol has opened up for a few fashion shows and has played shows at live music venues in Virginia and various cities in North Carolina. She also performed at The Berkeley School of Music in Boston, Massachusetts  while attending a stage performance workshop.

When asked what has been the highlight of her live performances to date, Nikol had this to say, “I was competing in an Acting, Modeling, and Talent Company competition in Orlando, Florida when the Tate Music Group saw me. It wasn’t long before I received a contract from them. I am very proud to be involved with them.”

Nikol — Bittersweet

Nikol released her debut CD with the Tate Music Group, entitled Bittersweet on July 30, 2013 and it is available on iTunes and Amazon. Bittersweet is a well written and produced collection of music that definitely is a must listen! It has an Avril Lavigne feel to it. Nikol’s vocal ability is displayed to perfection in every song and the musicians that perform on the CD with her are a complimented by her unique talent. Asking her to describe the CD she replied, “It is edgy pop rock. I hate to say the word “pop” because everyone thinks Katie Perry. The song Goin’ Down is the first single released from Bittersweet.

Photo courtesy of Lisa Duffey Photography
Photo courtesy of Lisa Duffey Photography

Nikol aspires to make music a career and is gearing up with a brand new band to take the music scene head-on! She hopes someday to perform with violinist Lindsey Stirling, Imagine Dragons, and Yellow Card.  Once her music is exposed to the masses, I think she will have her choice of artists and bands that line up to collaborate with her.

For a chance to see her next performance, Nikol will be appearing on November 19, 2013 at The Black Flower in Raleigh, North Carolina. This will be her first show with her new band. We highly recommend you check out her show.

For more information about Nikol you can go to check out any of the following:

On Twitter: @nikolmusik

Listen to Nikol’s single, Goin’ Down now on Ear bits Free Online Radio:

“LIKE” Nikol on Facebook at

And finally, you can see her at,, and

Until next time folks,

Stanley Eisen

Nikol — Bittersweet

Photo courtesy of Lisa Duffey Photography
Photo courtesy of Lisa Duffey Photography

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