SOPHIA RADISCH by: Linda Mitchell

Courtesy of Rock Solid
Courtesy of Rock Solid


By Linda Mitchell


“Just do what you love to do and be true to yourself, because that’s what will make you the happiest.

In order to be successful, you have to have a strong work ethic.

Believe in yourself.”

Exceptionally good advice you’re thinking, and wise words of wisdom from a person who has probably lived long and experienced the highs and lows in the winding road to success. However, these are the words of a very talented and successful singer, songwriter, and actress named Sophia Radisch, who is wise beyond her fifteen years and rapidly establishing her claim to fame.

While her list of accomplishments is long and impressive, I was able to get to know her on a more personal level via a recent interview:

  • SRO: The information I have read about you states that you started at age 13. What was the catalyst to your songwriting/singing?

Sophia: Yes! I started at age 13, and what sparked my interest for music was attending an acting for the camera class in Ottawa, Canada, my hometown. Our coach asked us to do a self portrait, which is an exercise used to express ourselves in front of the classroom artistically. I got inspired by a quote on the wall and wrote my first song “Love is the music of my soul”. I haven’t stopped writing since. I have a great love for writing music and lyrics, recording and performing live too.

  • SRO: How did you go from singing to acting? Through the same agency representing your singing career?

 Sophia:   My work in music and my work in film are two separate careers; my two biggest passions. I’m being represented by Rock Solid Talent Entertainment. 

  • SRO: How do you arrange your schedule around school?

Sophia: I’m fortunate to be an only child and home schooled by my road manager/mother. She travels with me at all times. 

  • SRO: Are other members of your family musicians or in the music industry?   

Sophia: I’m very fortunate to come from an artistic family. My father is a visual artist and musician. Also, my mother is a former drama teacher.  I grew up in a home where creativity was respected, supported and nurtured.


Courtesy of Rock Solid
Courtesy of Rock Solid

This wonderful combination of talent, focus and a supportive family are working exceptionally well for Sophia. She has composed 90 songs to date. Her music has been shared on internet radio and radio airwaves in many countries including Canada, the USA, and the UK. She has three professional song-writing collaborations with Music Hall of Fame song-writer, publisher, music journalist & producer Larry Wayne Clark.

Currently she is taking guitar sessions from Glen Drover, former lead guitarist for Megadeth, who will be playing lead guitar on her upcoming two (yes, two) new albums. She is currently in the UK in the process of recording these albums. Her original composition “I Can” was accepted into the Ottawa International Music Video Competition on August 19, 2012.

Sophia plays the lead character “Lilly” in the feature film “Thirteen Downs” which premiered and opened the @ The Ottawa International Film Festival, August 16, 2012. Her original composition “Rain” was used in the film, as she performed her original song in character. She was cast as lead in Short Films/Commercial Productions PSA “The Helping Hands”. And this past April, Sophia won the “Rising Star Award” at the 2013 Wire Awards held at the Market Hall Performing Arts Centre in Peterborough, Ontario.

Pretty impressive, wouldn’t you say, for any artist, but especially for one so young. You’ll want to keep an eye on Sophia Radisch. She’s a Rising Star and the sky is the limit! Make sure and view her video for “Lips So Numb” at the end of this article. To learn more, please be sure and check out the following media sites, and let her know you heard about her in Standing Room Only:

Sophia Radisch Official Fan Site –


Sophia Radisch on SoundCloud:

Sophia Radisch on Twitter:

Sophia Radisch on Reverbnation Canada.:

Sophia Radisch on Reverbnation London U.K.:

Sophia Radisch on Facebook:


2 thoughts on “SOPHIA RADISCH by: Linda Mitchell

  1. Thank you very much Linda Mitchell & SRO Magazine! I am honoured and humbled. This is a beautiful article and I am very fortunate you have published this. A great big thank you to my friends, fans and followers of my music and film careers. Have a wonderful holiday season! Love -Sophia<3

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