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#1 Nothing More By: Tyler Griffith

Photo courtesy of Facebook
Photo courtesy of Facebook

#1 – “Nothing More” by Nothing More

By: Tyler Griffith

I wasn’t around when Zeppelin played their first gig. I wasn’t around when Sabbath wrote the opening riff that would forever change heavy metal. I wasn’t even a thought in the minds of my parents when a small band from San Francisco decided to play faster and louder than everyone and, subsequently, invented thrash metal (looking at you, Metallica). My point is, I never really had that “moment” where I discovered a band, still in their early years, and knew instantly that they were something special. That is, not until this year. This year, I saw a band out of Texas called Nothing More. And this band, cliché be damned, changed my life.

Rewind back to March 30th at the Roxy. I went with a buddy to see Adrenaline Mob. On the bill that night were a few opening bands. I missed Killset entirely, I only saw the last two songs from Blackmore (look forward to their release next year), and then Nothing More took the stage. I can’t adequately describe their live show because it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. If you want an idea of what I mean, just search YouTube for their live performances,  specifically this gem:

But we aren’t here to talk about their live performance. We are here to talk about their album from this year. For this album to get to #1 on my list, it has to be something special. It beat out Scott Stapp. It beat out Alter Bridge. Hell, it beat out every album I bought this year. Why? The self titled sophomore album from Nothing More is nothing short of a musical masterpiece. It is crafted in such a way that makes it feel like a concept album without having a blatant story line. It is a theatrical work of art that is distinctly divided into two acts. This album progresses through the extremes of many different human emotions, yet it does so in a way that is genuine, powerful, and deeply moving. This album is angry. This album is remorseful. This album is hopeful. This album is damn good.

For me, this album revolves around a central that is comprised of three songs (if you want to be technical, they are more towards the latter half of the album, but I digress): “I’ll Be OK”, “Here’s To The Heartache”, and “If I Were”. This album deals heavily with loss. Being a psychology major, it’s very exciting to see loss dealt with in so many different ways. These three songs face loss from different perspectives.

However, while these three songs are phenomenal (“If I Were” is a personal favorite of mine for reasons unbeknownst to most), they are but building blocks to, what I feel is, the climax of the album, which is the track “God Went North”. At this point on the album, at track #16, you would think that the band is running on fumes. You would think that vocalist Jonny Hawkins has given his best performance. But the entire band shines on this track, especially Hawkins. I had the privilege of talking with Jonny at the last show I went to. This band lives for this music. Jonny was cool enough to listen to my story and how much this album impacted me.

Photo courtesy of Facebook
Photo courtesy of Facebook

If you listen to this album from front to back, you can tell that this album deals with a lot of personal and emotional demons of the band members. I’ll say the same thing here as what I said to Jonny that night: I’m not sure what the band had to go through in order to get this record made. But whatever it was, you guys made it out the other side and created a masterpiece. In today’s music landscape, it is rare to find a band that is so honest, so powerful, and so unrelentingly progressive with their music. If it were 10-15 years earlier, this band would be on top of the world. They have the music to prove it. You owe it to yourself to give these guys a listen. It may be a while before a band as good as these guys comes around again. When they launch into the stratosphere of music history, this album will be seen as a landmark accomplishment for the band. And for me, personally, this album got me through one of the darkest periods of my life. And for that, among so many other reasons, I am honored to say that the self-titled album by Nothing More is my #1 album of 2013.

Standout tracks include: “If I Were”, “Ballast”, “God Went North”

The Ivey-West Band by Linda Mitchell

Courtesy of Ivey-West Band
Courtesy of Ivey-West Band


As purveyors of musical enlightenment,

we musicians must stick together

By Linda Mitchell

I had the pleasure of chatting with West Brook of the Ivey-West Band recently,  and the philosophy of the above quote was a constant thread woven throughout our conversation.

You get the sense that music isn’t what they do, it’s who they are. The Ivey-West Band came about approximately a year ago with the partnering of Paul Ivey and West Brook. The band members are all career musicians from varying genre backgrounds. Melding styles spanning from Blues to Funk to Southern Swamp Rock, this unique, southern roots band – with an urge to jam – is guaranteed to please!

Photo of West Brook courtesy of Linda Mitchell
Photo of West Brook courtesy of Linda Mitchell

Veteran guitarist and vocalist Paul Ivey is from Jacksonville, Florida with over 20 years experience playing guitar in various styles. Coming from a musical family, he has been singing since childhood and began playing the guitar at age 14. With influences from the Allman Brothers Band and Lynyrd Skynrd, Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash, his style can be described as classical Southern Rock. He has toured with the Yankee Slickers and opened for numerous national acts.

Guitarist and vocalist West Brook hails from the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Starting at age 13, West has mastered numerous instruments including the electric and acoustic guitar, mandolin, lap steel, bass guitar, piano, harmonica and others.  Having played in bands covering genres from Blues to Country, his influences are  artists such as Albert Collin, Johnny Winter, Bob Dylan and The Band. These influences are the basis for West’s playing what he calls “Rockin’ Roots Music”.  West has also performed on stage with national recording artists and played lead guitar for New Orleans recording artist C.P. Love’s, The White Rice Band.

Photo of Paul Ivey courtesy of Linda Mitchell
Photo of Paul Ivey courtesy of Linda Mitchell

On drums you will find “The Pocket Master”, “B. B. Queen” or “Shark Foot”,  – Jacksonville’s  Bea Gayle. Having played for the past 20 years, “Music is my life” says Bea, “it is the ONLY thing that has ever gotten me through all of my hardships”. Influences from country, bluegrass and b-bop produced what she refers to as her “organic, solid, yet versatile style”. With influences spanning Louie Armstrong, Waylon Jennings, and James Brown to Radio Head, Cold Play, and Fleetwood Mac, we can understand how her versatility makes her a very adaptable, in-demand, all  purpose drummer.

Photo of Bea Gayle  courtesy of Linda Mitchell
Photo of Bea Gayle courtesy of Linda Mitchell

In addition to performing as a three-piece band, Paul and West perform as the Ivey-West Acoustic Duo also, again demonstrating their versatility as artists.

With this amount of talent and experience, combined with their dedication to their music, we can see that the Ivey-West Band has just scratched the surface of its potential. Coming from musical families, they are focused on building a legacy for their own families. Admirably, with high values and work ethics, they are focused on their own careers, yet they are supportive and encouraging to their fellow musicians.

Photo courtesy of Linda Mitchell
Photo courtesy of Linda Mitchell

The latest Ivey-West Band news is the release of their first CD titled: “LIVE FROM THE SWAMP”.  You’ll quickly find yourself attached to Ivey’s funky, blues, groove oriented sounds and West Brook’s earthy, Joe Cocker style voice. This is truly a collection of fun, sensitive and addictive songs.

Their CD is available at all their shows in the NE Florida and S Georgia area. A list of their current gigs from now through May 2014 is posted on their website:

Become friends on the Ivey-West Band Facebook page. You can also contact them by email at:

Enlighten yourself – Check out the Ivey-West Band!



West Brook 12-21-2013 9-23-25 PM

DSC03604 DSC03596

Photos courtesy of Linda Mitchell
Photos courtesy of Linda Mitchell


Brothers Moving at The Saint in Asbury Park, New Jersey By Jeff Crespi

Brothers Moving is a four piece traveling band from Denmark residing in New York City. They are a Four piece band that’s so full of energy they bring smiles wherever they play. They enjoy playing on the streets with no set list just down right fun. They consist of Aske (Lead guitar, Vocals), Nils (Back up Vocals), Simon (Cajun Drums, Keys and Back up Vocals) and Esben (Lead Vocal, Rhythm Guitar and Kazoo).

I first saw Brothers Moving perform at the Legendary Stone Pony a few weeks back. They were doing an acoustic unplanned set outside on the patio area with just a bunch of fans forming a circle all around them. Within minutes the crowd kept growing and growing, they play the kind of music that even though you never heard it you can’t stop from singing along and joining in the fun. I instantly was drawn to their style and sound of music. They were also some of the coolest, nicest group of musicians I have come across.

I did some research and saw that they were playing a show with another extremely talented upcoming musician named Jimmy Law the following week at The Saint in Asbury Park, NJ. The Saint is an amazing CBGB feeling small club with a great vibe. I instantly reached out to Noble Media who manages both acts and asked if I could provide photo coverage for the show. Jimmy Law is a young talent ready to take the music world by storm. He likes to play The Grateful Dead and Clapton but because he’s young he has a young teeny bopper following so he can also cover Taylor Swift like it was meant to be. The show had Joe Marson and the Satisfied Mind as the opening band. The sold out Saint was filled with young and old which shows me that music attracts all kinds. At any given show you never know who you are going to hear and see that will give you some new music to listen to and follow. The best part was at the end of the night as we filtered outside a Brothers Moving/Jimmy Law sing a long broke out right on the street with dozens of fans joining in. It was a great night and I would recommend checking all of these great bands out.

Jeff Crespi

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Judas Priestess By Jeff Crespi

Judas Priestess celebrated their four-year anniversary show at The Stone Pony. They are the only all girl Judas Priest cover band in the world. Front woman Militia Vox led the charge with a cool set that featured special guests Bryan and Pete from the Bouncing Souls playing Breaking The Law and some amazing riffs by Metal Mike himself. It was Militia’s birthday as well so it was cool for her to be presented with a cake on stage and have the crowd sing happy birthday to her. The crowd was a who’s who of family, friends and musicians. Everyone was joining in and singing along to their favorite Judas Priest songs. Long hair flying, horns in the air and words I can’t even type were all part of a great show.

Jeff Crespi

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New Day By Lisa Church


SRO Magazine recently met up with the band New Day at one of their practices. Immediately as this band began playing you felt as if you were treated to a headlining show, just without all the lights and the crowd. Once the rehearsal was over I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Jerry Sible (lead vocals), Jeff Brownlie (guitar),  John Garren (drums) and Bryan Caldwell (bass). We discussed their original songs and from where they drew their inspiration. All the members of the band feel a strong connection to the military and those who serve, they feel this connection is where they gain their inspiration. Furthermore they explained that a lot of their friends who fought in the war came back to the United States and suffered from post traumatic stress syndrome. Clearly this touches them deeply. As we spoke openly in their band room it was overtly apparent that each one of these guys were passionate about their music and I especially liked how they connected to one another, like a brotherhood.

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What was also apparent was the humility and gratitude New Day exhibits; you can see it in their CD credits, they carefully give credit to those that have helped and supported them through the years.I found it interesting that this band has been together since 2001 and have produced four CD’s: Grind, Euphemism, Psycho Network, Unearthed,  and are working on their next masterpiece, Locked and Loaded. Their music is not only hard-driving and in your face, but it is ‘mother-approved’. They are careful to not use profanity in an effort to reach a larger audience.

When asked about looking to get signed to a label, they said that  they are content to remain at the level of playing locally in the Florida and Georgia region of the United States.  National recording was not their primary focus. These guys have effortlessly made not only fans from their music, but really connected and have made many lasting friendships through the years.


As with many local bands, the members of New Day have families and jobs that demand most of their time and places a limit on their ability to get out of the Southeastern part of the United States. Do not for one second be fooled by these geographical limits, when they book a show, it is always to a packed house. After seeing these guys up close and personal in my own little concert, I can attest that this band has earned another fan. It is our fervent wish that if you find yourself in the vicinity of one of their shows, that you would go check them out. I can assure you that if you like metal music, you will be floored. You can either take my word for it or go over to their YouTube channel and see for yourself. I have included a link to my favorite song by New Day, Martyr.

To sum this band up in a few sentences, an excerpt from their Facebook fan page says it all, “In an era of new labels and genres, New Day defines their sound quite simply–Metal. This ensemble approaches making music as recreational while maintaining professionalism in the process. Having no interest in following the images of modern music trends. New Day places emphasis on being “tight” in all aspects of composition and performance.”


Hopefully I have raised your curiosity to see this band live. They will be performing December 6th with Nonpoint at Brewsters’ Megaplex and Jack Rabbits December 14th with The Senses, Jug Or Not and Appalachian Death Trap in Jacksonville, Florida. Go to their fan page and connect with them for tickets to these and future shows.

Until next time…

Lisa Church

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Alice Cooper – The Godfather of Shock Rock By: Linda Mitchell



“The Godfather of Shock Rock”


By: Linda Mitchell

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013 was historic!

First of all, the concert was performed by the timeless Alice Cooper. What can you say about Alice Cooper that hasn’t already been said during the former forty-five years since being discovered by Frank Zappa, at the legendary Whiskey a Go-Go in Los Angeles?  Although the original Alice Cooper band broke up in 1975, the one and only Vincent Damon Furnier had his name legally changed to Alice Cooper and began his solo career. In doing so began the mind-boggling, theatrical tours that we fervent followers of shock rock have loved for decades.  Alice Cooper has become a household name.

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Secondly, the concert venue was the celebrated Historic Florida Theater located in the heart of Jacksonville, Florida.  Opening on April 8th, 1927, it is one of only four remaining high-style movie palaces built in Florida during the Mediterranean Revival architectural boom of the 1920’s.  The Florida Theater was placed on the National Registry of Historic Places on November 4, 1982. The 1,900 seat theater has been the setting for a multitude of movies, operas, concerts and community events. The list of performers is beyond impressive, including Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Lou Rawls, the New York Opera, B B King, Chet Atkins, YES and hundreds more.  The decor is extraordinary, the acoustics superb and there is not a bad seat in the house.


Welcome to the Nightmare Express gave us everything we hoped for and more. Favorite classics like House of Fire, No More Mr. Nice Guy, Welcome to My Nightmare and School’s Out for Summer brought roars of applause from the multi-aged crowd. Cheers rang out as he was threatened by the evil nurse, played by his daughter, while strapped in his blood stained straight jacket; and escalated when his head was severed by the guillotine. Classic! The audience reverently quieted while experiencing his softer side as he paid tribute to deceased fellow artists Jim Morrison, Keith Moon, John Lennon, and Jimi Hendrix. Perfect Alice Cooper style.


His unfaltering vocals and two plus hour, high energy performance was executed flawlessly. One must constantly remind oneself that he is sixty-five years old. Once again proving that rock has no age limit! Alice and his current lineup of guitarists Ryan Roxie, the amazing Orianthi, Tommy Henriksen, bassist Chuck Garric and Jacksonville’s own drummer Glen Sobel, will be touring throughout the country until the end of November. His last show is a fundraising concert December 11th in Anchorage, Alaska with son Dash Cooper, to benefit his Solid Rock Foundation, an organization dedicated to making a difference in the lives of teens in his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona.

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But don’t expect him to slow down anytime soon. Alice is going classical in 2014 with his upcoming The Rock Meets Classic Tour complete with a full orchestra. Picture it now – Alice in a Phantom of the Opera mask. Another chapter for Rock & Roll History Books!



Welcome to the Nightmare Express Set List:

The Underture

Hello Hooray (Judy Collins cover)

House of Fire

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Under My Wheels

I’ll Bite Your Face Off

Billion Dollar Babies


Department of Youth

Hey Stoopid

Dirty Diamonds

Welcome to My Nightmare

Go to Hell

He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask)

Feed My Frankenstein

Ballad of Dwight Fry


I Love the Dead

(Cover’s introduction)

Break on Through (to the Other Side)  (The Doors cover)

Revolution  (The Beatles cover)

Foxy Lady  (The Jimi Hendrix Experience cover)

My Generation  (The Who cover)

I’m Eighteen



School’s Out

At minute 2:06 a fan is born!

All photographs courtesy of Linda Mitchell for SRO Magazine, except exterior of theater. That was provided by the Florida Theater, many thanks to you all.

DSC03149 DSC03137

Photographs courtesy of Linda Mitchell for Standing Room Only
Photographs courtesy of Linda Mitchell for Standing Room Only

DSC03151 DSC03152 DSC03153 DSC03155 DSC03157 DSC03156 DSC03158 DSC03160 DSC03162 DSC03163 DSC03164 DSC03167 DSC03176 DSC03172 DSC03171 DSC03170 DSC03169 DSC03182 DSC03181 DSC03180 DSC03179 DSC03177 DSC03192 DSC03188 DSC03187 DSC03186 DSC03183 DSC03198 DSC03197 DSC03195 DSC03194 DSC03193 DSC03208 DSC03207 DSC03203 DSC03200 DSC03199 DSC03215 DSC03214 DSC03213 DSC03211 DSC03209 DSC03224 DSC03223 DSC03222 DSC03220 DSC03217 DSC03239 DSC03236 DSC03235 DSC03231 DSC03226 DSC03255 DSC03250 DSC03244 DSC03243 DSC03240

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‘Rocktoberfest’: Smile Empty Soul, Acidic, Stayne Thee Angel and a Host of Others Bring Jacksonville, Florida to Their Knees By Johnny Falcon

This past weekend was Rocktoberfest in Jacksonville, Florida. This show was held at Brewster’s Megaplex and just so happened to be the epicenter of the carnage that Smile Empty Soul, Acidic, Stayne Thee Angel (STA), Rock N Roll Chrome, and All In inflicted on concert goers.  This night was very special for many reasons but the main one was to celebrate with STA as they released their new CD Change. This remarkable six-song CD will leave you stunned. Case in point, I recently took a road trip up to North Carolina to cover a few bands with the North Carolina SRO crew (Nikki, Lisa, and Stanley) and I did what I normally do, I brought ALL my music; you never know what you are going to  be in the mood to hear. In any event, I started the six-hour haul up Interstate 95 and slipped in the new CD from STA and after I gave it the ‘smell’ test (I sample each song for 30 seconds to see if it is worth my time) I was floored by what I heard. I immediately rushed through the intro of each song as I skipped to the next and was astonished at the talent of this Jacksonville band. Needless to say I did not change the CD for both the trip up and the return trip back to Florida. Once you give them a listen, you will know precisely what I mean.  You need to jet over and snag a copy of this debut cd CHANGE here.

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See you in the pit my Friends,

Johnny Falcon

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