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#1 Nothing More By: Tyler Griffith

Photo courtesy of Facebook
Photo courtesy of Facebook

#1 – “Nothing More” by Nothing More

By: Tyler Griffith

I wasn’t around when Zeppelin played their first gig. I wasn’t around when Sabbath wrote the opening riff that would forever change heavy metal. I wasn’t even a thought in the minds of my parents when a small band from San Francisco decided to play faster and louder than everyone and, subsequently, invented thrash metal (looking at you, Metallica). My point is, I never really had that “moment” where I discovered a band, still in their early years, and knew instantly that they were something special. That is, not until this year. This year, I saw a band out of Texas called Nothing More. And this band, cliché be damned, changed my life.

Rewind back to March 30th at the Roxy. I went with a buddy to see Adrenaline Mob. On the bill that night were a few opening bands. I missed Killset entirely, I only saw the last two songs from Blackmore (look forward to their release next year), and then Nothing More took the stage. I can’t adequately describe their live show because it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. If you want an idea of what I mean, just search YouTube for their live performances,  specifically this gem:

But we aren’t here to talk about their live performance. We are here to talk about their album from this year. For this album to get to #1 on my list, it has to be something special. It beat out Scott Stapp. It beat out Alter Bridge. Hell, it beat out every album I bought this year. Why? The self titled sophomore album from Nothing More is nothing short of a musical masterpiece. It is crafted in such a way that makes it feel like a concept album without having a blatant story line. It is a theatrical work of art that is distinctly divided into two acts. This album progresses through the extremes of many different human emotions, yet it does so in a way that is genuine, powerful, and deeply moving. This album is angry. This album is remorseful. This album is hopeful. This album is damn good.

For me, this album revolves around a central that is comprised of three songs (if you want to be technical, they are more towards the latter half of the album, but I digress): “I’ll Be OK”, “Here’s To The Heartache”, and “If I Were”. This album deals heavily with loss. Being a psychology major, it’s very exciting to see loss dealt with in so many different ways. These three songs face loss from different perspectives.

However, while these three songs are phenomenal (“If I Were” is a personal favorite of mine for reasons unbeknownst to most), they are but building blocks to, what I feel is, the climax of the album, which is the track “God Went North”. At this point on the album, at track #16, you would think that the band is running on fumes. You would think that vocalist Jonny Hawkins has given his best performance. But the entire band shines on this track, especially Hawkins. I had the privilege of talking with Jonny at the last show I went to. This band lives for this music. Jonny was cool enough to listen to my story and how much this album impacted me.

Photo courtesy of Facebook
Photo courtesy of Facebook

If you listen to this album from front to back, you can tell that this album deals with a lot of personal and emotional demons of the band members. I’ll say the same thing here as what I said to Jonny that night: I’m not sure what the band had to go through in order to get this record made. But whatever it was, you guys made it out the other side and created a masterpiece. In today’s music landscape, it is rare to find a band that is so honest, so powerful, and so unrelentingly progressive with their music. If it were 10-15 years earlier, this band would be on top of the world. They have the music to prove it. You owe it to yourself to give these guys a listen. It may be a while before a band as good as these guys comes around again. When they launch into the stratosphere of music history, this album will be seen as a landmark accomplishment for the band. And for me, personally, this album got me through one of the darkest periods of my life. And for that, among so many other reasons, I am honored to say that the self-titled album by Nothing More is my #1 album of 2013.

Standout tracks include: “If I Were”, “Ballast”, “God Went North”

The Ivey-West Band by Linda Mitchell

Courtesy of Ivey-West Band
Courtesy of Ivey-West Band


As purveyors of musical enlightenment,

we musicians must stick together

By Linda Mitchell

I had the pleasure of chatting with West Brook of the Ivey-West Band recently,  and the philosophy of the above quote was a constant thread woven throughout our conversation.

You get the sense that music isn’t what they do, it’s who they are. The Ivey-West Band came about approximately a year ago with the partnering of Paul Ivey and West Brook. The band members are all career musicians from varying genre backgrounds. Melding styles spanning from Blues to Funk to Southern Swamp Rock, this unique, southern roots band – with an urge to jam – is guaranteed to please!

Photo of West Brook courtesy of Linda Mitchell
Photo of West Brook courtesy of Linda Mitchell

Veteran guitarist and vocalist Paul Ivey is from Jacksonville, Florida with over 20 years experience playing guitar in various styles. Coming from a musical family, he has been singing since childhood and began playing the guitar at age 14. With influences from the Allman Brothers Band and Lynyrd Skynrd, Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash, his style can be described as classical Southern Rock. He has toured with the Yankee Slickers and opened for numerous national acts.

Guitarist and vocalist West Brook hails from the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Starting at age 13, West has mastered numerous instruments including the electric and acoustic guitar, mandolin, lap steel, bass guitar, piano, harmonica and others.  Having played in bands covering genres from Blues to Country, his influences are  artists such as Albert Collin, Johnny Winter, Bob Dylan and The Band. These influences are the basis for West’s playing what he calls “Rockin’ Roots Music”.  West has also performed on stage with national recording artists and played lead guitar for New Orleans recording artist C.P. Love’s, The White Rice Band.

Photo of Paul Ivey courtesy of Linda Mitchell
Photo of Paul Ivey courtesy of Linda Mitchell

On drums you will find “The Pocket Master”, “B. B. Queen” or “Shark Foot”,  – Jacksonville’s  Bea Gayle. Having played for the past 20 years, “Music is my life” says Bea, “it is the ONLY thing that has ever gotten me through all of my hardships”. Influences from country, bluegrass and b-bop produced what she refers to as her “organic, solid, yet versatile style”. With influences spanning Louie Armstrong, Waylon Jennings, and James Brown to Radio Head, Cold Play, and Fleetwood Mac, we can understand how her versatility makes her a very adaptable, in-demand, all  purpose drummer.

Photo of Bea Gayle  courtesy of Linda Mitchell
Photo of Bea Gayle courtesy of Linda Mitchell

In addition to performing as a three-piece band, Paul and West perform as the Ivey-West Acoustic Duo also, again demonstrating their versatility as artists.

With this amount of talent and experience, combined with their dedication to their music, we can see that the Ivey-West Band has just scratched the surface of its potential. Coming from musical families, they are focused on building a legacy for their own families. Admirably, with high values and work ethics, they are focused on their own careers, yet they are supportive and encouraging to their fellow musicians.

Photo courtesy of Linda Mitchell
Photo courtesy of Linda Mitchell

The latest Ivey-West Band news is the release of their first CD titled: “LIVE FROM THE SWAMP”.  You’ll quickly find yourself attached to Ivey’s funky, blues, groove oriented sounds and West Brook’s earthy, Joe Cocker style voice. This is truly a collection of fun, sensitive and addictive songs.

Their CD is available at all their shows in the NE Florida and S Georgia area. A list of their current gigs from now through May 2014 is posted on their website:

Become friends on the Ivey-West Band Facebook page. You can also contact them by email at:

Enlighten yourself – Check out the Ivey-West Band!



West Brook 12-21-2013 9-23-25 PM

DSC03604 DSC03596

Photos courtesy of Linda Mitchell
Photos courtesy of Linda Mitchell


SOPHIA RADISCH by: Linda Mitchell

Courtesy of Rock Solid
Courtesy of Rock Solid


By Linda Mitchell


“Just do what you love to do and be true to yourself, because that’s what will make you the happiest.

In order to be successful, you have to have a strong work ethic.

Believe in yourself.”

Exceptionally good advice you’re thinking, and wise words of wisdom from a person who has probably lived long and experienced the highs and lows in the winding road to success. However, these are the words of a very talented and successful singer, songwriter, and actress named Sophia Radisch, who is wise beyond her fifteen years and rapidly establishing her claim to fame.

While her list of accomplishments is long and impressive, I was able to get to know her on a more personal level via a recent interview:

  • SRO: The information I have read about you states that you started at age 13. What was the catalyst to your songwriting/singing?

Sophia: Yes! I started at age 13, and what sparked my interest for music was attending an acting for the camera class in Ottawa, Canada, my hometown. Our coach asked us to do a self portrait, which is an exercise used to express ourselves in front of the classroom artistically. I got inspired by a quote on the wall and wrote my first song “Love is the music of my soul”. I haven’t stopped writing since. I have a great love for writing music and lyrics, recording and performing live too.

  • SRO: How did you go from singing to acting? Through the same agency representing your singing career?

 Sophia:   My work in music and my work in film are two separate careers; my two biggest passions. I’m being represented by Rock Solid Talent Entertainment. 

  • SRO: How do you arrange your schedule around school?

Sophia: I’m fortunate to be an only child and home schooled by my road manager/mother. She travels with me at all times. 

  • SRO: Are other members of your family musicians or in the music industry?   

Sophia: I’m very fortunate to come from an artistic family. My father is a visual artist and musician. Also, my mother is a former drama teacher.  I grew up in a home where creativity was respected, supported and nurtured.


Courtesy of Rock Solid
Courtesy of Rock Solid

This wonderful combination of talent, focus and a supportive family are working exceptionally well for Sophia. She has composed 90 songs to date. Her music has been shared on internet radio and radio airwaves in many countries including Canada, the USA, and the UK. She has three professional song-writing collaborations with Music Hall of Fame song-writer, publisher, music journalist & producer Larry Wayne Clark.

Currently she is taking guitar sessions from Glen Drover, former lead guitarist for Megadeth, who will be playing lead guitar on her upcoming two (yes, two) new albums. She is currently in the UK in the process of recording these albums. Her original composition “I Can” was accepted into the Ottawa International Music Video Competition on August 19, 2012.

Sophia plays the lead character “Lilly” in the feature film “Thirteen Downs” which premiered and opened the @ The Ottawa International Film Festival, August 16, 2012. Her original composition “Rain” was used in the film, as she performed her original song in character. She was cast as lead in Short Films/Commercial Productions PSA “The Helping Hands”. And this past April, Sophia won the “Rising Star Award” at the 2013 Wire Awards held at the Market Hall Performing Arts Centre in Peterborough, Ontario.

Pretty impressive, wouldn’t you say, for any artist, but especially for one so young. You’ll want to keep an eye on Sophia Radisch. She’s a Rising Star and the sky is the limit! Make sure and view her video for “Lips So Numb” at the end of this article. To learn more, please be sure and check out the following media sites, and let her know you heard about her in Standing Room Only:

Sophia Radisch Official Fan Site –


Sophia Radisch on SoundCloud:

Sophia Radisch on Twitter:

Sophia Radisch on Reverbnation Canada.:

Sophia Radisch on Reverbnation London U.K.:

Sophia Radisch on Facebook:


SRO Magazine Presents ‘Rock the ‘Ville’ By Johnny Falcon


High Rise

This past Saturday, October 12th Standing Room Only Magazine proudly presented, in concert with The Drunk Horse Pub (5149 Bragg Blvd. Fayetteville, NC.) some of the most talented bands in North Carolina.  These bands were all about business as they pulled out the stops and melted the faces off those in the very active pit. The crowed was revved up and raring to go as Thru Tomorrow struck the first cord and quickly brought the fans to their feet. As this talented band wrapped up their set and Back Woods Music Society took the stage, the crowd was treated to some awesome cover tunes that left just about everyone in the room either singing every note or dancing wherever they were in the pub. As their set was brought to an end, one could see the concert goers’ were in need of some hard-core-in-your-face metal and that is precisely what they got as One Man Riot proceeded to kick everyone’s grill completely inside out. The pit broke out and at points hit a feverish pitch. There was not a soul in the building that did not either have their horns up or bouncing to the percussive thump of the bass line. If the show would have ended with One Man Riot, everyone would have known they had been to a rock show. But in SRO and Drunk Horse fashion, good enough is well, never going to be good enough. The crowed now whipped into a maddened frenzy was about to be finished off with Forever Chained. This band was well worth the wait to see. From the second the singer, Nina Page came center stage and ripped the mike from the stand, she commanded not only the stage, she made every person in earshot take notice. She was not shy about owning every inch of the stage and the speakers out in front of the stage as she climbed out to make a closer connection to her audience.

If you get the chance to see any of these bands, I recommend you do so. You will be WELL entertained.

As always I ask that you reach out to these bands and ‘friend’ or ‘like’ them. They can always use fan support.

Queensryche (2013) (Deluxe)

Forever Chained

One Man Riot

Backwoods Music Society

Thru Tomorrow

If you are in the Fayetteville, NC area, you need to check out The Drunk Horse they have some really good shows coming up.

See you in the pit my Friends!

Johnny Falcon

Forever Chained


















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Kelen Heller- Set to Take Over the World! By: Nikki Savannah

How do you know IT, when you hear it? You just know that you know, right? Thinking back on the music that brought a band from obscurity to the forefront of your awareness, they each have one thing in common; pure, powerful adrenaline of sound that takes you out of yourself and carries you on a journey of emotion. This leads me to this introduction of the band known as Kelen Heller, who possesses that mysterious IT factor. Kelen Heller is on the porch, about to kick the door down on the next generation of hard rock enthusiasts, but I have to say their appeal is not limited to a particular age group. As I sat blasting out Never Lived my teenage son came in and wanted to know who I was listening to, and frankly he looked at me like I was a little bit cooler in his estimation!

Kelen Heller is Ricky Shuler, vocals; Kevin Wall, drums; Efrum Ferguson, lead guitar; Mark Frey, guitar; Brandon Moore, bass. These men hail from Greenville, South Carolina and came together in 2009. Fragments from various bands that came together in what can only be described as a necessary joining of forces. Recently the band released their EP entitled “Kelen Heller – LTD” which was recorded with Rick Beato, the platinum album producer best known for his work with Shinedown.


Asked about plans for the band, lead singer Ricky Shuler had this to say, “We set out at the beginning of the tour with plans to show everyone what we are made of. …Riding up the road full of excitement and ready to kill it where ever we go. The first week of shows get us into the groove and a routine we’ve never experienced, all the while making new friends and fans for life. We are giving 110% every night. Pictures taken and autographs signed every night! Our people back home hanging on to every post, and so proud of us. What a humbling feeling. We are on fire right now. After the tour we have plans to record more and hit the road again, expecting bigger and better things next time out. Keeping our nose down and churning our legs, we will not stop what we set out to do; taking over the world!”

This band is a mix that has everything necessary to become the next major national act; the looks, take Ricky’s glorious mane of hair, bassist Brandon Moore looks remarkably like Nikki Sixx in my opinion, the style (who dresses these guys?), the material, the sound and above all the talent. I admit that I am a little terrified of Efrum Ferguson. There is something about a man who is never seen without this mask concealing his true appearance. Rumors range from being horribly scarred to being an infamous psychopath. The fact that he doesn’t speak only freaks me out that much more, yet he is no mute. A horrific giggle is known to erupt sometimes. Fortunately with talent like his, it is easy to overlook the rest of his frightening appearance. For me it is like looking at a lifeless doll’s face, yet the churning guitar magic speaks where Ferguson does not.  While he refuses to speak, a written comment leads me to want to know more about this enigma; he said “You don’t choose music. It chooses you, and you can’t do a thing about it.”

Courtesy of Facebook kelen heller

The thing that struck me about the music from Kelen Heller, is the fact that while they are unmistakably hard rock that kicks you in the butt and has you banging your head in time to the driving base line, the lyrics are fantastically well written and meaningful. There is true musical talent going hand in hand with the brilliant image they present. When I asked who gets the credit for the songs the response was this, “Although the majority of a song idea may belong to any given member, the song isn’t complete until all five of us put our stamp on it, so to speak. The producer on LTD has co-writing credits on a couple of songs, but it’s still only two entities involved, him, and Kelen Heller. Every Kelen Heller song is written by us, equally; all for one, as they say. Be it broke or wealthy, we’re in this together.”

Kevin Wall, the exceptionally talented drummer had this to say, “We wish for every band what they wish for themselves, there’s room for us all at the top.” A very generous attitude in an openly cut-throat industry, I have to say. But then again with talent like these guys possess, they can afford to be generous.

Courtesy of Kevin Wall

Be sure and check out the video for the awesome Never Lived, it is habit forming and absolutely outstanding. The song So Deserving is my particular favorite and shows the depth of the talent these guys have. The best advice I can give to anyone who truly loves excellent hard rock is to be sure and check out Kelen Heller. You won’t be sorry.

You can find Kelen Heller at the following:

In the event you can make it to see them live, future shows include:

Saturday, November 16 at The Chop Shop in Charlotte, NC, show starts at 7pm

Friday, November 22 at Sky City in Augusta, Georgia, show starts at 8pm

These guys are absolutely on my radar now, and I will not rest until I’ve seen them live. Whether I have the nerve to get near Efrum  or not remains to be seen. One thing is for certain, Kelen Heller is going all the way!

Much love and respect ❤

Nikki Savannah

courtesy of Facebook

Courtesy of Sunny Daniels-Hall 1237952_4784490350340_1055642456_n

A Quiet Word – from Down Under By: Linda Mitchell

A Quiet Word album cover

A Quiet Word

From Down Under

“Music gives soul to the universe, Wings to the mind, Flight to the imagination, And life to everything” -Plato

By: Linda Mitchell

No matter what age we are, no matter what nationality, no matter our genre preference, we all agree that music is the universal language. Music can be liltingly airy, sparking lightheartedness and laughter, or it can draw us under a somber cloud of soulful solitude and reflection. Regardless, it’s a language we all understand.

Musicians and songwriters hold the power of imagination and inspiration. And when you assemble a group of musicians collaborating on one project, the results are amazing. This is the case with the Strings of Starlight from Perth, Australia. Peter Renzullo had a vision, a desire to unite the unsigned, independent artists from his local music scene.  “I just knew that I wanted to bring together a whole bunch of grass-roots artists and feature their music on one amazing album” says Renzullo.  “A lot of these artists were handpicked from open mics in dodgy little pubs, mid-week when most punters aren’t out and about, so many are absolute unknowns which blows my mind when you see the amazing music they are creating. I’m always blown away by the absolute gems I find.”

Aussie photo from Linda

Many of these artists were very new, had little or no radio play or had yet to find a regular presence on stage. Renzullo’s idea of producing a collaborated album was a generous and innovative way to have their music heard, perhaps for the first time, and garner them the attention of a wider audience. His idea grew into reality.  In 2011, twenty-four artists came together to create the unique and wonderfully varied collection of original works called “A Quiet Word” Part 1 & 2. The resulting albums are truly something special. ‘A Quiet Word’ showcases the rich, diverse tapestry of sounds that beautifully captures the grass-roots scene in Western Australia – a scene that has existed under the radar for far too long.

At the end of this article you will see an amazing video. Renzullo had the novel idea to produce a ‘group song’, the result of each artist writing one verse of the song, and then joining together in the chorus. It’s an amazing mix of melody, vocals and lyrics that meld into an enchantingly united voice.  It is performed by the artists who are showcased on both ‘A Quiet Word’ albums.

Aussie group 2

In the beginning there was no clear objective for the albums’ release and promotion. But soon it became obvious that there were to be more benefits from ‘A Quiet Word’, far beyond sharing the twenty-four musicians’ talents. Peter Renzullo’s Strings of Starlight and Scudley Records teamed up to help bring some much-needed support to a very deserving and incredible bunch of people – The Starlight Foundation. Since its beginning in 1988, The Starlight Foundation has brightened the lives of seriously ill and hospitalized children and their families throughout Australia. Living with illness or injury can cause enormous strain in their lives. Starlight provides programs integral to the total care of seriously ill children, yet is there to lift the spirits of the child, giving them the opportunity to laugh, play and be a child again.

“As owner and operator of Scudley Records, and as producer of ‘A Quiet Word’, I’ve decided to release the albums to the public and give 50% of all profits from sales to The Starlight Foundation”, says Renzullo. “My hope is that ‘A Quiet Word’ will be able to help raise money and awareness for such an important and worthy cause; to continue giving these kids the much-needed, selfless support provided by the staff and volunteers at The Starlight Foundation. It would be a dream come true to know that these albums could make even the tiniest difference.”

So when was the last time you experienced the unique sounds of twenty-four original songs, performed by newly recorded musicians, every song with a fresh, unique feeling and sound? And when were you able to purchase such albums where the benefits go to a worthy charity such as The Starlight Foundation?  The time is now!

Be sure to visit for more information about ‘A Quiet Word’, the musicians, and The Starlight Foundation. There are also easy to follow instructions on how to order your copies of the albums. If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to contact Peter Renzullo, at the following email: or


A Course of Action

Courtesy of Facebook/A Course of Action
Courtesy of Facebook/A Course of Action

A Course of Action

At Standing Room Only it is our wish to put the spotlight on bands on the cusp of the national scene. I cannot believe that I am reviewing this CD and we have beat the rush. Amazing! As a North Carolina native I am so excited to present a review for you of the full length stellar album of this Western North Carolina based rock foursome, A Course of Action. Let me start off with the introductions:

Jonathan Byrd – Lead guitar and founding member
John Culberson – Vocals
JT Silvestri – Drums
Wes Johnson – Bass guitar

The history of this band begins with its inception under the name Hybrid, by Jonathan Byrd and his former Copperhead band mate, Tony Hawkins. They enjoyed regional success from 2003 to 2008, when they changed names to A Course of Action. Hawkins recently left the group, making way for Wes Johnson to come on board.

Their CD entitled Dark Before the Dawn was completely written, engineered and produced by A Course of Action, and when I listened to it for the first time I really found all of that so hard to believe. This first effort by these guys sounds so polished and professional it floors me to think they did it all themselves. When I looked over the press kit, I saw reference to influences of Alter Bridge, Breaking Benjamin and the like. But I have to tell you that what I loved most about A Course of Action was that vibe combined with the sound of Southern rock and roll. It comes as no surprise seeing that these guys hail from North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida. Stands to reason their sound would find a special place in my heart.

As I kicked back to enjoy the CD it was soon apparent that I would not be sitting still for the ride. I was immediately swept up into the driving beat of the opening track, Tell Me Why. The tune Never There was loaded with a heady mix of drums and hypnotic guitar that really made me wonder why I hadn’t heard of these guys before. On and on through the album, as soon as I thought I’d found my favorite, the next song would bump it for first place. Shadow is in my opinion musically perfect. It sucks you in like no other, and is so skillful you will be amazed. John Culberson has a voice that is commercially appealing to most everyone, and is seductive and soulful. At this moment I’m saying that Slow Burn Out is my absolute favorite on the album. This could totally change depending on the time of day. I will tell you for a fact they will all be on my MP3 and be awesome workout tunes.

Reading other reviews of A Course of Action, it is said that they are a supreme, spot on live act. I promise you this much, this North Carolina girl plans to find out for herself in the very, very near future. Joey Ze, load the wagon my friend, we are heading towards the mountains. Be sure and check out A Course of Action on Facebook, ReverbNation and YouTube. I want to thank our friend in music and all things ROCK, Sunny Daniels-Hall for sending us this connection. Catch them while you can folks, they are so headed for the national stage.

Please check out the link below to see a video of A Course of Action…opening for Saliva.

Hugs N Love <3,

Nikki Savannah

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/A Course of Action