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The Ivey-West Band by Linda Mitchell

Courtesy of Ivey-West Band
Courtesy of Ivey-West Band


As purveyors of musical enlightenment,

we musicians must stick together

By Linda Mitchell

I had the pleasure of chatting with West Brook of the Ivey-West Band recently,  and the philosophy of the above quote was a constant thread woven throughout our conversation.

You get the sense that music isn’t what they do, it’s who they are. The Ivey-West Band came about approximately a year ago with the partnering of Paul Ivey and West Brook. The band members are all career musicians from varying genre backgrounds. Melding styles spanning from Blues to Funk to Southern Swamp Rock, this unique, southern roots band – with an urge to jam – is guaranteed to please!

Photo of West Brook courtesy of Linda Mitchell
Photo of West Brook courtesy of Linda Mitchell

Veteran guitarist and vocalist Paul Ivey is from Jacksonville, Florida with over 20 years experience playing guitar in various styles. Coming from a musical family, he has been singing since childhood and began playing the guitar at age 14. With influences from the Allman Brothers Band and Lynyrd Skynrd, Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash, his style can be described as classical Southern Rock. He has toured with the Yankee Slickers and opened for numerous national acts.

Guitarist and vocalist West Brook hails from the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Starting at age 13, West has mastered numerous instruments including the electric and acoustic guitar, mandolin, lap steel, bass guitar, piano, harmonica and others.  Having played in bands covering genres from Blues to Country, his influences are  artists such as Albert Collin, Johnny Winter, Bob Dylan and The Band. These influences are the basis for West’s playing what he calls “Rockin’ Roots Music”.  West has also performed on stage with national recording artists and played lead guitar for New Orleans recording artist C.P. Love’s, The White Rice Band.

Photo of Paul Ivey courtesy of Linda Mitchell
Photo of Paul Ivey courtesy of Linda Mitchell

On drums you will find “The Pocket Master”, “B. B. Queen” or “Shark Foot”,  – Jacksonville’s  Bea Gayle. Having played for the past 20 years, “Music is my life” says Bea, “it is the ONLY thing that has ever gotten me through all of my hardships”. Influences from country, bluegrass and b-bop produced what she refers to as her “organic, solid, yet versatile style”. With influences spanning Louie Armstrong, Waylon Jennings, and James Brown to Radio Head, Cold Play, and Fleetwood Mac, we can understand how her versatility makes her a very adaptable, in-demand, all  purpose drummer.

Photo of Bea Gayle  courtesy of Linda Mitchell
Photo of Bea Gayle courtesy of Linda Mitchell

In addition to performing as a three-piece band, Paul and West perform as the Ivey-West Acoustic Duo also, again demonstrating their versatility as artists.

With this amount of talent and experience, combined with their dedication to their music, we can see that the Ivey-West Band has just scratched the surface of its potential. Coming from musical families, they are focused on building a legacy for their own families. Admirably, with high values and work ethics, they are focused on their own careers, yet they are supportive and encouraging to their fellow musicians.

Photo courtesy of Linda Mitchell
Photo courtesy of Linda Mitchell

The latest Ivey-West Band news is the release of their first CD titled: “LIVE FROM THE SWAMP”.  You’ll quickly find yourself attached to Ivey’s funky, blues, groove oriented sounds and West Brook’s earthy, Joe Cocker style voice. This is truly a collection of fun, sensitive and addictive songs.

Their CD is available at all their shows in the NE Florida and S Georgia area. A list of their current gigs from now through May 2014 is posted on their website: http://www.iveywestband.com.

Become friends on the Ivey-West Band Facebook page. You can also contact them by email at: iveywestband@gmail.com.

Enlighten yourself – Check out the Ivey-West Band!




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Photos courtesy of Linda Mitchell
Photos courtesy of Linda Mitchell


Support Your Local Bands

Photo of Wally Wood of Allele courtesy of Johnny Falcon
Photo of Wally Wood of Allele courtesy of Johnny Falcon

The primary goal the founder of http://www.SroMag.com had when creating this online magazine was to showcase and support the small, local musicians that are on the cusp of hitting the National scene. Major artists are not lacking publicity by any stretch of the imagination, so while we may report on those big names from time to time, that is not our focus here at SRO, Standing Room Only. The local clubs and venues that showcase the talents of musicians of all genre’s need our support. The garage bands dream is to play the local clubs and music festivals. We take for granted that the music scene is available all over, but that just is not the case. As Johnny Falcon and Sid Starling can attest, not all communities embrace music with the enthusiasm of Florida, Jacksonville in particular, but the entire state. So while I am directing this article at Florida, it is our goal to grow and spread throughout the Southeast and bring you news of the talents from all around.

We have writers in North Carolina, Texas and Ohio, along with our core in Florida. If you know a band that is deserving of the spotlight, please let us know. Obviously we cannot be everywhere just yet, we are still starting out. But if we can get to your local club and check out the band, we will. The music is the bond we all share, the love of that creative expression. Through the support of people attending shows at small bars, local festivals, and other venues the bands that work so hard to create can share their music and open each of us up to a new experience.

Photo of Flake from (N)ception courtesy of Johnny Falcon
Photo of Flake from (N)ception courtesy of Johnny Falcon

At SRO you will find information on bands such as Stayne Thee Angel, (N)ception, Prideless to name a few, that have performed recently in the Jacksonville/Middleburg area. It is our hope that we can shed light on these local musicians and bring their names to you before they hit the National music scene. The hours of hard work and dedication put in by these artists is nothing short of amazing. When you get to meet them face to face and spend some time talking, you understand just how much your support means to them. The music is the vehicle, the fans are the gasoline.

When you get a chance to see a live band, take it. Imagine one day seeing them on TV, and realizing you shook hands or got an autograph from them “before” they hit it big. While researching this article I decided it was key to share with you all some of the local bands that made it big, from Florida. This list is impressive and I don’t share them all of course, just some I thought would make an impact as a “once local band”. I hope some of you will remember seeing these names BEFORE the World knew them…

Lynyrd Skynyrd photo courtesy of wvafm.ua.edu
Lynyrd Skynyrd photo courtesy of wvafm.ua.edu

• Lynyrd Skynyrd (MUST TOP THE LIST), formed in 1964 in Jacksonville
• Limp Bizkit , 1994 Jacksonville
• Molly Hatchet, 1975 Jacksonville
• Shinedown, 2001 Jacksonville
• Creed, 1995 Tallahassee
• Blackfoot, 1970’s Jacksonville
• Anberlin, 2002 Winter Haven
• Streetkind, 2004 Miami Beach
• Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, 2003 Middleburg
• Later Days, 2001 Naples
• Sawyer Brown, 1981 Apopka
• Alter Bridge, 2004 Orlando
• The Mavericks, 1989 Miami
• KC and the Sunshine Band, 1973 Miami
• Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, 1976 Gainesville
• Cold, 1996 Jacksonville
• Marilyn Manson, 1989 Fort Lauderdale
• The Outlaws, 1967 Tampa
• The Allman Brothers Band, 1969 Jacksonville
• Rapper Mase, 1993 Jacksonville

Shinedown photo courtesy of last.fm
Shinedown photo courtesy of last.fm

Just think, once upon a time these icons were playing the local pubs and bars, getting paid in beer and just praying for their big break. Get out there and support your local musicians! You never know, one day they may be headlining a world tour.

Love and Hugs ❤

Nikki Savannah